Why RapidPurge

With RapidPurge’s innovative technology and excellent customer service, we continue to be the top-performing purging compound business in the United States. For decades, experienced industry insiders have agreed that our purging products defeat the most demanding and hostile thermoplastic processing challenges.

RapidPurge is unique in offering custom solutions for customers in need of specialized grades for specific applications. Our custom blends can also be assigned, developed, and replicated for a specific customer so they can re-order their custom blend with maximum convenience.

Thermoplastic Purging is All We Do

RapidPurge’s team of experts has consistently worked with some of the best chemists and engineers in the industry, making our compounds the most versatile and cost-effective grades available. We offer a wide range of purging compounds and solutions, including:

  • Chemical agents
  • Activated foaming agents
  • Pellet form factors
  • Pre-mixed
  • Concentrates
  • Powder concentrates
  • Custom blends

Our product is only successful if customers meet their desired goals in performance and cost. No matter if customers need heavy-duty chemical purging or a quick-change mechanical purging, RapidPurge is here to help with the best grades on the market.

Contact our team today to see what we can do to help your plastic process.