Mechanical Grades from RapidPurge

Mechanical purging compounds from RapidPurge are the competitive choice for general-purpose purging applications. They provide quick cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing of a wide range of plastic processing machinery, such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding equipment.

Mechanical purging grades are available as a premix and concentrate, and are also available with different PE base resins to match your temperature and viscosity requirements.

The mechanical purging grades from RapidPurge include:

  • MP900 – Premix – most universal grade – best answer for most resins. Formulated for 380°F-565°F.
  • MP900HT – Premix – formulated for high viscosity/stiff resins and high-temperature purging up to 725°F.
  • MP900LT – Premix – specially formulated for low viscosity/soft resin purging up to 450°F.
  • MC900 – Concentrate scrubbing pellets – allows you to make your own universal purge mixture. Must be mixed with a carrier resin prior to use – works well with regrind or virgin resin (PE/PP) to make a universal mechanical/scrubbing purge mixture.

RapidPurge has the exact mechanical compound for all your purging needs. Some features of mechanical purging compounds from RapidPurge include:

  • Mechanical activity – Non-abrasive mechanical components enhance scrubbing and soft polishing of the machinery’s base metal.
  • No dwell time in the machine – Our mechanical purges can be run right through the machine at normal RPMs.
  • No temperature changes – Our mechanical purges can also be run right through the machine at operating temperatures.
  • No multi-step procedures – Simply run RapidPurge through the machine until purging is clear of contaminates. Ideal for quick color or material changes.
  • Pre-mixed – Pre-mixed products include a universal carrier resin, providing ultimate convenience and handling.
  • Concentrates – Concentrates can be mixed at your location with your polyolefin resin in a ratio up to 2:1. The concentrate should be mixed with a resin of equal or greater value in viscosity than the resident resin being purged.

If you would like to learn more about mechanical purging compounds from RapidPurge, contact our team of experts today to get started.