Custom Blends

Get Specialized Thermoplastic Purging Compounds for Your Exact Needs

At RapidPurge, we recognize that thermoplastic applications and processes can be unique. You may require a purge formulation specifically optimized for your situation.

RapidPurge is the only purging compound manufacturer that provides custom blends for these unique applications. We work with you to develop a unique custom-blended compound that best meets your purging needs. We vary the viscosity, mechanics, and chemistry of our purge formulations to find just the right mix for your application.

A special nomenclature will also be assigned to your custom blend and will be made available just for you, meaning you can reorder that custom blend with maximum convenience. Your compound will be incorporated into our manufacturing flow, assuring complete consistency every time.

Contact RapidPurge today or call us at 1-800-243-4203 to learn more about our custom blends.