The Most Trusted Name in Thermoplastic Purging Compounds

Since 1979, RapidPurge has been a global leader in commercial-grade purging compounds for the plastics industry. Today, our products continue to lead the market in reliable performance and quality.

A privately-held manufacturer located in Essex, Connecticut, RapidPurge supplies consistently high-quality purging compound products for thermoplastic applications. With our expansive line of products, corporate sales staff, and international network of distributors, we proudly serve satisfied customers all around the world.

At RapidPurge, we continuously expand our product lines to include the leading chemical and mechanical purging compounds, as well as custom-blended products to meet every thermoplastic facility’s purging need. Our full spectrum of chemical and mechanical formulations addresses the need for optimal, cost-effective performance for a wide range of applications.

Each of our products targets specific requirements for performance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. RapidPurge presently offers more than 25 purging grades, including several FDA/GRAS grades, in addition to many custom solutions. No matter what purging issue your facility may have, our expert team has the solution for you!

Contact the team at RapidPurge today to learn more about what we can do for your plastic molding facility.