Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use milled pellets in our activated RapidPurge formulas?

Our pellet mill operations enable us to direct the specific properties of our active additives to their intended purpose: purging your equipment. Because the milling process does not heat the active ingredients, they are not degraded and remain 100 percent available for purging. The pellets, which contain consistent mixtures of our carefully selected materials, are easy for you to use with minimal dust.

Why should I choose activated RapidPurge purging compounds?

RapidPurge offers a full range of compatible chemical/mechanical products that provide mechanical disruption, while chemically attacking resin in negative flow areas, screws, nozzles, and downstream equipment. Our versatile products not only excel in performance, they enable you to consolidate your supply base, simplify your operations, and meet your price/performance objectives. If the product information on this website leaves you with unanswered questions, please contact our Technical Services Department.

Are your active compounds detrimental to people or equipment?

The answer is no. We use only the most proven and technical cleaning additives that are found in many other trusted cleaners worldwide.

Why do your purging compounds have off-gassing?

RapidPurge formulations are thermally activated and will release energy at the high temperatures needed to break down tough resins and cross-linked resins (carbon), as well as to purge negative flow areas. The thermal reactivity to heat is harmless and is not readily noticeable at normal operating temperatures.

If I use RapidPurge products, should I be concerned about abrasion and wear on my precision processing equipment?

Not at all. RapidPurge uses carefully selected additives that have been highly perfected for the singular purpose of cleaning, which is achieved by destroying only the adhesion value of resin. Even after decades of exposure, the screws on our own processing equipment have not worn beyond specification and have not needed replacement.

What if I have different needs at different times, because I use different material on different equipment?

RapidPurge products are designed to meet multiple requirements and cost objectives. We offer chemical and mechanical compounds, in pre-mixed form or concentrates. If you have especially difficult requirements, we can develop a custom blended solution just for you. No other purging company has our degree of flexibility, because we have designed our products to be universal and our in-house processes to be responsive. RapidPurge is always ready to meet your primary and maintenance purge needs, as well as your pre- and post-purge requirements, thanks to the full compatibility of our products that can be used without conflicting interaction. For example, you may choose to do a quick changeover using one of our mechanical purging products and then find that deeper cleaning is needed. You can simply add our chemical/mechanical purging compound that increases cleaning action, while being fully complementary to and compatible with the mechanical product. Thus RapidPurge products offer you the many advantages of single sourcing, including cost containment, without sacrificing production time or quality.

Is it true that purging compounds are expensive to by and use, thus adding costs to operational budgets?

No, that is false. The savings in manpower, machine time, and materials will reduce your total expenses, especially when you factor in the higher quality purging results. RapidPurge will work with you to meet both your cost and quality objectives. Ask about our product samples and our custom-blend programs, and see how rapidly we respond!

Will using your products add procedural or operational complexities to my production floor?

Streamlining your operations is one of our highest priorities. Our products are designed to be universal, which saves you the cost and complications associated with buying and stocking multiple grades from multiple suppliers.

Why shouldn’t I just use regrind or other in-house resin-based products for purging?

With RapidPurge compounds, you will get better results, together with saving cost, time, and labor. Use one of our pre-mixed solutions, or try a concentrated alternative mixed with your own material, to be more cost-effective. Because mixing is simple, your overall purging process will be further optimized.

Why should I trust RapidPurge to meet all my purging needs?

RapidPurge has maintained leadership in our industry by delivering products with the highest performance at the lowest overall cost. We also provide the best customer service, including the development of custom products to meet your specific requirements. Through focused research and development, we continue to expand and improve our product lines to include the world’s leading chemical and mechanical purging solutions. Unlike other companies that offer purging compounds to supplement their main products, purging technology is our core competence and the basis for all our products and services. Major resin producers have continuously acknowledged RapidPurge as the “go-to” source for the right purging solutions.