Powder Concentrates

How are Powder Concentrates Used in Purging Applications?

Powder concentrates from RapidPurge are compounds used for situations where a foreign resin cannot be introduced into the molding equipment. Production resin is mixed with the RapidPurge powder to create the purging compound. Our powder concentrates can be used in either injection or extrusion applications.

The powder concentrates RapidPurge offers for purging applications include:

  • R5000 – A powder that includes chemical/mechanical agents that address high degradation, difficult color changeovers, and challenging resident residue issues.
  • F5000 – A powder that includes mechanical agents and a heat-activated foaming agent for negative flow areas.
  • M5000 – A mechanical powder for general-purpose purging applications.

Features of RapidPurge powder concentrates include:

  • Heavy-duty chemical agents– R5000, the premium heavy-duty version, includes our proprietary chemical formulation that adds an extra punch for heavy-duty, challenging purging operations.
  • Activated foaming agent– Both the F5000 mechanical product and the R5000 chemical/mechanical product include a heat-activated foaming agent to clean hard-to-reach negative flow areas.
  • Maximum results– Temperatures can be raised to the maximum level of resident resin allowing for a short soak cycle during purge for highly demanding applications.
  • Restrictions– R5000 cannot be mixed with PVC, thermoplastic elastomers, acetals, or acetate.

Interested in learning more about RapidPurge powder concentrates for your purging application? Contact us today to start a conversation.